JLG 10MSP Electric Mobile Stock Picker

The Mobile Stock Picker from JLG takes the most labour intensive tasks such as picking parts, setting up retail displays or replenishing warehouse inventory and cuts the time in half. One hand operation, narrow format and zero turning radius ensures you can manoeuvre through even the tightest of aisles and doorways. Compare the specs below to other models such as the Crown WAV and you’ll find the JLG Stock Picker superior in many ways.

  • Working Height: 5.05m
  • Drive Speed: Up to 8km/h
  • Total Weight Capacity: 380kg (160kg platform + 160kg stock)
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  • Machine Weight: 500kg
  • Platform Capacity: 160kg
  • Material Tray Capacity: 110kg
  • Carry Deck Capacity: 110kg
  • Platform Height: 3.05m
  • Working Height: 5.05m
  • Machine Height: 1.45 m / 4.8 ft
  • Machine Length: 1.55 m / 5.1 ft
  • Machine Width: 0.83 m / 2.7 ft
  • Platform Width: 0.50 m / 1.6 ft
  • Platform Length: 0.69 m / 2.3 ft

Purchasing a JLG machine from Swift Equipment will ensure you can take advantage of JLG’s comprehensive warranty. JLG provide full warranty coverage on this model for one year and cover all specified major structural components for five years. Due to continuous product improvements, the manufacturer reserves the right to make specification and/or equipment changes without prior notification. See our full warranty policy here.

  • Drive Speed – Platform Elevated: 1.10 km/h
  • Drive Speed – Platform Lowered: 8 km/h
  • Drive System: 4 Brush Direct Electric
  • Gradeability: 15 %
  • Maximum Drive Height: 3.05 m
  • Maximum Lift Height: 3.05 m
  • Platform Capacity: 160 kg
  • Batteries: 4 x 210A/hr AGM


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